Selling Made Easier

If you're thinking of selling your home, it's smart to prepare “a home selling plan”. The entire process can be quite overwhelming and costly. Most of us homeowners know the little quirks or repairs that need to be done and ponder whether we should do them? You want top, top dollar? Do it, and hire a real estate agent that is going to be there with you from the ‘“de-cluttering to the closing.”

Every home should be decluttered (I mean cleared with minimal furnishings), freshly painted, landscaped, furniture that is not only stylish, but shows the purpose of the room. Buyers want to know how to set up their new spaces with that I-want-to-live-here feeling. For example, A home office can be staged in an area where the buyer had never thought to use the space for this. Or perhaps staging a teen area for homework or friends.  It is key to maximize each room to their fullest potential. The possibilities are endless.

Worried about paying for the repairs and upgrades? Introducing Compass Concierge of Compass Realty. We loan you money for repairs, staging, curb appeal, even decluttering with no fees or interest. The loan is simply taken back at the closing, after you get that top dollar! It is easy, fast and you spend the money anyway you’d like with either Compass’ approved vendors, or your favorites.

If you want to sell, but need help, and Amy, a trusted Compass Realtor, are here to help with affordable ways to stage your home for sale. Don’t leave money on the table by missing this incredible historic seller's market!  Call 203 984 7653 today for a free-market analysis and your home selling plan.