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Cleared Spaces is a unique service that helps you to understand how important it is to only keep the items you love, need and use!

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Let us help to free yourself from items that no longer serve you with a 4-hour session.

We will :

  • keep you focused
  • motivate you to purge
  • help save you time and money
  • organize the things you need, love and use
  • create new storage ideas

Stop living in your past, and live for today in a clutter-free environment.

Along with being a certified home organizer, owner Amy van Arsdale is a certified yoga and meditation instructor. She will help you create space not only in your home, but also in your mind.

National Association of Professioal Organizers
National Association of Professioal Organizers
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Dorothy Robertshaw, Westport
Jennifer Rosenwald, Westport, CT


Amy is the best!!  She helped me focus and realize what I don’t need anymore-“Let it go!”

Tammy S.

Her service is so needed, so many of us have way too much stuff!

Barb S.

She is so pleasant and non-judgmental.  It was a great experience.

Heather T.

The best!

Missy G.

I love her warmth and compassion when I was deciding what to keep from my Mother’s estate

Melissa A.

Thank you Amy for helping me move forward and purging things that I was holding onto for emotional reasons.

Betsey P.

I felt like I lost 10 pounds after Amy left!

Elizabeth B.

I’m usually good at clearing things from my life but clutter can be emotional too. My behavior patterns have started to clear out my “mental clutter”.  Amy’s approach to mindfulness and feeling joy towards my things has helped me realize I have just what I need in my life.

Jackie J. Norwalk, CT

I am in the process of selling my home. Having built it and raised all of my children here the process has been a bittersweet emotional adventure. Amy has been deeply present on every internal and external level, seeing, hearing and cellularly anticipating me. Without her gentle way of moving me out of my comfort zone along with her foresight and wisdom, I would not be sitting in my almost unrecognizable home with the ease, excitement, and comfort that I am this morning. I am ready to move forward because Amy has helped me to understand what I really need and NOT what I really want. Thank you, Amy, for clearing my life and mind.

Missy, Westport, CT

I purchased Two Hours of Organization Services from Living Social for Eric, my fiance. I wanted to say thank you for the great work you did with Eric. You transformed him. He is so open now to getting rid of the clutter. Half of his clothes are going to charity, most of the papers he’s been keeping are shredded, items from his conferences given away. Having grown up with parents who were also “collectors” it was stressful for me living with the clutter and it is now uncomfortable for Eric. Success!!! Our house is organized and manageable. Yay! His office looks fantastic. Thank you!

Debbie, Ridgefield, CT

Thank you for all of your help! You have an amazing talent – I am still in awe at what you accomplished in two short hours! I definitely would like to continue working with you and I’m interested in purchasing sessions in advance. We are shopping for shelves tonight – I’m very excited!

Lara, Fairfield, CT

I have worked with Amy for the past 2 years. I keep having her come back and organize different areas in my home. I would be lost without her. Because I know how to reach her, I am able to calm down and give her a call and know it will all be sorted out, and that makes me happy!

Sandra W., Norwalk, CT

I have to say that I am so appreciative of what you did this afternoon. It is so hard to get organized without you. Without you, I wouldn’t even be able to start. I just love looking in my closets… feels so good! We are really on a roll here after so long. Thank you, Amy.

Suzanne, Darien, CT

After 14 years of using my garage for nothing other than a dumping ground for anything I didn't want to look at, I have a functional, organized, beautiful mudroom that I am proud of and not embarrassed about anymore! Amy came in with one mission only; organize it, give it away or throw it out! With multi-sized bins, hooks, shelves, cleanser, cans of paint and a whole lot of elbow grease, compassion, and fantastic affordable ideas, my wasted space became a much-needed work space, laundry room, pantry, and storage area for my whole family. Thank you, Amy!!!

Carol E. Alexander, Realtor

I own and operate my own Interior Decorating business “Heidi Lyme Interiors.” I have had clients who simply needed organizing with various parts of their home. For example: organizing clothes, books, kitchen cupboards, simply getting rid of Stuff that they find difficult to do. The things, we all put in the to hard basket. I can’t praise Amy enough on her ability to organize not only household items but all aspects of life. Congratulations on your show, I know will be a huge success.

Heidi Lyme,


Home Organizer for HIre

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home?

Do you want to get organized but have difficulty figuring out what to keep, donate or sell?

Cleared Spaces can help you!
We can help you clear your mind so you can get organized and get rid of that clutter!


Home Organizer for Hire

I’m usually good at clearing things from my life but clutter can be emotional too. My behavior patterns have started to clear out my “mental clutter”. Amy’s approach to mindfulness and feeling joy towards my things has helped me realize I have just what I need in my life.

Jackie J., Norwalk, CT


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Cleared Spaces provides telephone and video chats throughout the world and in-home consultations throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut.

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