"Clear your clutter, and you'll clear your mind"

Amy van Arsdale
Amy van Arsdale

Amy's need for clearing and organizing began back in 2005, when she and her family, 4 small children and 2 large Labrador Retrievers, rented their home each summer in Westport, CT.  This is when she learned the beauty and ease of an organized lifestyle. Every closet, cupboard, bedroom and personal item had to be removed and stored away neatly in her attic. After the summer, she only put back what her family needed, loved, and used.  "We started living with less" and our home became more spacious, like a haven. Amy then downsized her mother and her aunts into assisted living facilities. Including, space planning, purging, donating items, packing/unpacking, hiring a mover and more.  Cleared Spaces has been helping folks downsize and making more space for folks since 2008.

 Cleared spaces is a lifestyle service.  The trend is to live with less (a good thing). Amy recognizes that life gets hectic and/or people move, downsize and need help decluttering.  Cleared Spaces will create a customized solution whether it be a Sr. citizen move or to streamline a home for better efficiency.  Everyone's needs are different and her services cater to each individually.

Cleared Spaces services include: paper management, senior citizen move management (see services page), closet organization, discard and donate items/purge from attics & basements, help with chronic disorganization (ADD-ADHD), general moves and relocations/unpacking (house set-up), creating new storage solutions.

"Clear your space and you will clear your mind"   

Amy realizes the parallels of clearing the mind, the body, and the HOME while practicing yoga. One of the main goals in yoga is to create and maintain balance. Balance in the home means to live with objects that you love, need, and use. This will help to give a spacious and loving ambiance to a home.  It should be your sanctuary, not make you feel guilty or bad about yourself?  So don't let your energy/feelings be lost to "stuff", start clearing your space today!!

In 2012, Amy engaged in Kripalu's 200 hours certified teacher training program.  Amy teaches all variations of yoga/meditation classes at Westport's Kaia Yoga and the YMCA.  Private instruction in your home is also available in lower Fairfield County, Connecticut.

 Her goal, while clearing with clients, is to help them feel a new perspective from within, "you really do not need much stuff to be happy if you work from the inside out."  Amy's clearing techniques leave clients feeling more authentic, centered, spacious, and relaxed. "It's a positive shift that will last a lifetime either on or off your mat."

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Amy Van Arsdale

I’m usually good at clearing things from my life but clutter can be emotional too. My behavior patterns have started to clear out my “mental clutter”. Amy’s approach to mindfulness and feeling joy towards my things has helped me realize I have just what I need in my life.

Jackie J., Norwalk, CT


Home Organizer for HIre

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home?

Do you want to get organized but have difficulty figuring out what to keep, donate or sell?

Cleared Spaces can help you!
We can help you clear your mind so you can get organized and get rid of that clutter!


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