Spring decluttering is way better than Spring cleaning….

Spring makes us excited, and that often comes with motivation to become active again. We might find ourselves wanting to run, walk, or play outside, explore new territory, see blooming plant life, go on a hike. Spring usually elicits thoughts of spring cleaning. We all have stuff laying around, shoved in closets, or stuck in the “junk drawer.” According to Marie Kondo, clutter is bad for us. Some say that it can actually worsen our mental health because it can make us feel anxious when things are messy or chaotic around us.

When decluttering, keep it simple. Organize one small area at a time. Try your best to donate or throw away your clutter. Be sure to identify your clutter.

Clutter is:

  • piles of paper everywhere
  • clothes you are keeping ‘just in case’
  • cupboards overflowing with things
  • storage boxes still unopened
  • too much of things that are no longer serving a purpose

I like to start in the storage areas. Why? Because usually these are the places in the home with the most unwanted items. Think of your home as active and inactive areas. Active areas are the kitchen, bedrooms, family rooms etc., inactive areas are the basement storage room, garage, attic, even sheds. Clearing the inactive areas will help make space for the inactive items that you really need to keep, it is really that simple. There could be things there that you have not used or seen in years? Pick a place to start and look at every single item there. And let the clearing begin!

The weather looks great this weekend, why not open the doors and windows and air out those gloomy inactive areas to bring fresh light and much needed space. Clearing clutter, it’s a good thing.

Amy van Arsdale is a Compass Realtor and the owner of ClearedSpaces.com in Westport Ct. She has been helping folks prepare their homes to sell and encourage folks to live with less for over 14 years.

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