Give yourself some compassion

Decluttering certainly is an act of will, determination, and vigilance – but it doesn’t have to be an act of self torture.

Sometimes when we bury our feelings, we consciously or unconsciously numb ourselves with stuff or other energy releasing behaviors. We collect physical items or resort to not-so-healthy behaviors we feel like we CAN control because our emotional lives feel so out of control.

“Stop-and read that again…..go on, read the above paragraph again-“

Many coveted things that we buy, can turn into clutter (anything that causes stagnant energy in your life), it only causes stuck-ness in your living space, but it creates stuck-ness in your mind and your own personal energy.

My biggest suggestion is that you try and ask yourself, “do I really need or will I use this before you buy?  If it’s too late, have deep, deep compassion for yourself during the purging process – beating yourself up or acting like a robot may be what is familiar to you, but there is another way. By bringing compassion into the situation, it gives you the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience rather than it just being about the physical act of decluttering.  Be mindful of how you really feel at the moments of purging.  

Good luck clearing-you can do this.