If you feed on stress, negative thinking, anger, bad diet, poor sleep, burn-out, no exercise, shallow breathing and more, you block the energy flow through your body.  A cluttered home, workplace, car or purse can make you and your life cluttered and stuck, and going nowhere!

Every time you judge yourself-you break your heart-be kind…..

Blocked energy causes tiredness, low morale, low energy and ill health. If you don’t do something about it, your health could end up giving you big-time problems.

Does your home or any room make you feel bad? You may be affected by stuck energy from a previous event or trauma that happened in your lifetime. Space-clearing in the body and home clears stuck energy. Amy uses her Spiritual teachings with breath work, chakra clearing and  yoga to give her clients an added boost of healthy energy by changing thoughts from negative to positive.

Clearing clutter can transform your life. It cleanses the energy in your surroundings, doing the same in your mind and body. You’ll have more energy and motivation, and will wonder how you ever managed to get anything done before. Your life will begin to work well and you’ll have more time to do the things you really want to do.

Your external environment reflects your internal environment. In other words, if your home or workplace is cluttered and untidy, then you may also be cluttered and confused in your mind, feeling unwell, and your life could be stuck.  So, awaken your own inner resources and confidence to remove barriers to change, and you’ll learn new mindful skills which will benefit you and your lifestyle. You’ll improve your health and well-being and get to know your body, mind and emotions.

Clutter is

  • piles of paper everywhere
  • clothes you are keeping ‘just in case’
  • cupboards overflowing with things
  • storage boxes still unopened
  • too much of things that are no longer serving a purpose

It’s stuff which has accumulated in your home or workplace and which hasn’t had your attention for some time. Clutter can also be unfinished business in your life, things that you never get around to doing or dealing with emotionally.