Cleared Spaces offers the following types of de-cluttering/home organization packages in Fairfield County, Connecticut (travel fees may apply 1/2 of our hourly rate per hour the organizer drives outside of our service area) If you need to reschedule your appointment, 24 hour notice is appreciated.


$295.00  – one on one organizing session with an organizer

Senior Downsizing/Estate Dissolution (see Services page for more service details)

$125 45-60 minute onsite assessment

$1200 -8 hours for a 2 person organizing team /3 person team $1800 per day

*On site dumpster/trucks are extra

$1500 deposit two days before


$60 per hour

  • Telephone organizing consultations (Photos of your home can be sent to Amy via text or email)
  • Online video chat home organization consultations – Worldwide via Skype or Apple FaceTime



  • Amy accepts checks and cash
  • Parking and supply costs are additional
  • All packages require a deposit

Use the form on right to schedule your appointment. Please indicate in the comment section if you would like a telephone, Skype or FaceTime call.   Amy from Cleared Spaces will contact you at the scheduled time.  If you would like to ask questions or book by phone, please e mail Amy at  203 985 7653.

How We Can Help You

Home Organizer for HIre
Are you feeling overwhelmed with the clutter in your home?

Do you want to get organized but have difficulty figuring out what to keep, donate or sell?

Cleared Spaces can help you!
We can help you clear your mind so you can get organized and get rid of that clutter!

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Home Organizer for Hire

leftquoteI’m usually good at clearing things from my life but clutter can be emotional too. My behavior patterns have started to clear out my “mental clutter”. Amy’s approach to mindfulness and feeling joy towards my things has helped me realize I have just what I need in my life.rightquote

Jackie J., Norwalk, CT

In-Home & Video Chat

Home Organization Video Chats
Cleared Spaces provides telephone and video chats throughout the world and in-home consultations throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Call (917) 626-6919 today for more information or click here to schedule a  telephone or video chat consultation.