Spring is around the corner!!

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Spring CleaningYAHOO!! So what’s all the hype about spring cleaning? Well…..because, the cleaner and more organized you are, the more in control you’ll feel in life-period.

Here’s why?

  • Organized people gain a sense of inner peace through outside order
  • Organized people are less likely to procrastinate and miss deadlines, thus avoiding reproach
  • Organized people are more likely to earn more money and be promoted more quickly
  • Organized people benefit from a heightened sense of control and power
  • Organized people live longer and are more conscientious, which is commonly cited as a factor in “life happiness”

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leftquoteI’m usually good at clearing things from my life but clutter can be emotional too. My behavior patterns have started to clear out my “mental clutter”. Amy’s approach to mindfulness and feeling joy towards my things has helped me realize I have just what I need in my life.rightquote

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