How to Never Misplace Something Important

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Follow one tip, it is simple: For everything that you own, designate a place for it – label bins for some of those places / things to make it easier to remember. Then simply put it back where it belongs when done using it. It takes practice – you’ll see it works!

Should You Put Your Stuff in Storage?

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Storage facilities – unless you live in a 250 square foot studio apartment in midtown NYC, they are a BAD idea. They suck down your cash. The chances of ever using any of this is about 2%. Get rid of that storage unit and put that money saved in your retirement fund or take a vacation!

If any of the items have sentimental value, take a picture of it and put it in your photo album! If it’s worth something, sell it at a tag sale, eBay, or a consignment shop. If you don’t sell it, donate to charity or a thrift shop. If someone in your family wants it, give them X amount of time to pick it up or else it goes out the door.

Avoid the procrastination habit!

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We’re all guilty of some type of procrastination. The best way to deal with it is to process the task immediately. When you come home, immediately put all the groceries away. If you get junk mail, throw it out, don’t let it accumulate before you decide what to do with it. File important mail immediately. Better yet, get your bills electronically and pay them immediately when the email comes. This technique can be applied to almost any task that takes 10 minutes or less.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is February 14th!! It’s more than just bringing home a dozen roses or a card to your loved one. Investing more than a few moments to think of a special gift pays off. If you’re on a budget, a hand made gift certificate to provide anything from a massage to walking the dog is a wonderful idea that will be appreciated. Or purchase one of my gift cards.  Everyone LOVES to get organized!

February is Archive your Files Month

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  1. Determine what to keep
  2. Keep records retention guidelines in mind
  3. Some papers can be tossed IMMEDIATELY (Don’t forget to shred documents that contain personal information.)
  4. Stash important documents in safety deposit boxes or a home safe TODAY.

Four Ways to Add More Space in Your Closet

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Here are four ways to add more space in their closet:

  1. Look for unused space above or below and put up a new shelf or a rod
  2. Use the back of your doors for hanging pockets or a slack rack
  3. Add a small chest of drawers in an awkward nook
  4. Think outside the closet and add an armoire in your room for extra storage

Do you spend too much time trying to organize and tidy the house each day?

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Spend only 10 minutes per chore (changing sheets, folding laundry, doing dishes). Use a timer and when it goes off, stop and go onto the next one. You can finish the chore later in the day, i.e. after work. Better yet, get the hubby or kids to chip in. (spouses and children are trainable!)

You will see that you can speed up the process if you focus on it and do it swiftly… really helps save time and energy!

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